Garden Maintenance

Monthly Weeding

Luminary Lawns’ weeding service is a comprehensive solution for keeping your garden free of unwanted plants. Our team of experts uses a combination of manual techniques and specialized tools to remove weeds from your soil, with a focus on removing the entire root of the weed to ensure it does not grow back. With our consistent, persistent approach, our weeding service will ensure your garden is healthy and always looks its best.

Trimming & Pruning

Our Trimming & Pruning service is designed to keep your small trees, bushes, and shrubs looking their best all year round. Our team of experts will carefully prune and shape your plants to promote healthy growth and enhance the overall appearance of your landscape. We use precision techniques to remove dead or damaged branches and control the shape and size of your plants, ensuring that they fit well within your garden. We’ll also remove any debris and leaves that fell off during the trimming process, making sure that your garden will look neat and tidy after the service is complete. Our Trimming & Pruning service will keep your garden looking well-maintained, improve the overall health of your plants by promoting fresh growth, and add an aesthetic appeal to your landscape.


Our mulching service is the perfect way to protect and enhance your garden. We use high quality, fresh mulch to prevent weed growth, retain moisture, and insulate your plants’ roots from extreme temperatures. Our team will redefine your garden bed’s edges for a crisp, clean look and spread the mulch evenly throughout. We can also install new weed blocker fabric for an additional price.