Property Cleanups

At Luminary Lawns, we understand that lawn care and maintenance needs change with the seasons. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your lawn stays looking its best all year round. In the spring, we provide cleanup services to clear away debris left behind by winter storms and prepare your lawn for the growing season.  We offer reclamation services to help take back overgrown areas in the summer. In the fall, we offer leaf mulching and removal services to keep your lawn clear of falling leaves. And during the winter, we provide snow and ice removal services to keep your property safe and accessible. No matter the season, we’re here to help you keep your lawn looking its best.

A spring cleanup is a crucial step in ensuring that your lawn is healthy and beautiful for the upcoming growing season. After the harsh winter months, your lawn may be left with debris such as fallen branches, leaves, and trash blowing in from neighboring properties. In addition to debris removal, we also offer dethatching, which is the process of raking the surface of your lawn to remove any buildup of dead grass and moss. This helps create the perfect environment for new growth and helps prevents the thatch from suffocating your lawn. Additional aeration may be necessary in the spring as well if you have a newer lot with severe compaction caused by heavy equipment during the building process. Overall, our spring cleanup services are designed to help prepare your lawn for the upcoming growing season and ensure that it is healthy and lush for the entire year.

Sometimes life gets busy, and lawn care takes a backseat. We’ve been there too. Did your lawn hit the growing season without you? Our summer reclamation projects are designed to help bring your lawn back to life. We’ll address any overgrown areas, trim back shrubs, and remove any weeds or unwanted growth. Additionally, we’ll also perform any necessary mowing, edging, and fertilization to ensure your lawn is healthy and looking its best. We understand that things can get hectic and sometimes lawn care falls by the wayside, but with our help, your lawn will be rejuvenated and ready to thrive.

Fall cleanups are an essential part of maintaining a healthy lawn throughout the year. One of the most important tasks this time of year is leaf cleanup. Leaves can suffocate a lawn if they are not addressed in a timely manner. We offer leaf mulching services to shred the leaves and return the nutrients to the soil as a natural fertilizer. Or we can remove them completely for you if you’d prefer. Fall is also a great time for Dethatching and Core Aeration. Finally, we can help with any renovation needs you may have such as overseeding and topdressing to give your lawn a boost and set it up for a healthy spring.

Winter can be a challenging time for lawn care, but it’s important to keep your property safe and accessible during the colder months. One of the most critical tasks is snow and ice removal. Traditional methods such as gas snow blowers and using rock salt can be damaging to your property and the environment. That’s why we use all electric snow blowers and a de-icing product called Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA) instead. Electric snow blowers are a more eco-friendly option as they do not produce emissions and are much quieter than gas-powered alternatives. CMA is a de-icing agent that is more environmentally friendly than salt as it does not harm plants or damage concrete. It also works at lower temperatures than traditional de-icing products. Additionally, we offer services such as pre-treatment of surfaces, shoveling of walkways, and digging out cars. With our help, you can have peace of mind knowing that your property is safe and accessible during the winter months.

Complete property renovations can be a daunting task, but with the right team and plan in place, it can also be a rewarding and transformative experience. It’s important to start with a clear vision of what you want to achieve, whether it’s a complete overhaul of your front and backyard, or a more targeted renovation of a specific area. The first step in any renovation project is a thorough site assessment to identify any existing issues and opportunities. From there, the team will develop a detailed plan that includes a timeline and budget. Throughout the process, we will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your expectations and exceeds them. With a little planning and a lot of hard work, a complete property renovation can help you turn your outdoor space into a beautiful and functional oasis for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.